Your letter and your action of encouraging FBI collaborations are thus
extraordinary deviations from the normal practice of science.

Open data access and data sharing are important for accelerating
research advancement and can be implemented without putting U.S.
security at risk. NIH has espoused such policies for years . Most
Chinese-American scientists believe that biomedical research benefits
all mankind and that multinational collaborations accelerate scientific
progress and discovery. However, some NIH recommendations could target
collaborations if implemented with bias. For example, NIH recommends
fostering “trusted relationships” p. 12 in ] with foreign partners but
does not specify whether the trust must be established through official
channels. NIH also suggests more disclosure requirements for foreign
collaborators than domestic colleagues (pp. 12–13 in which could hinder

China has a long tradition of valuing intellectual contributions, but
our science has not been as good as it should. To become a responsible
member of the world, China is now increasing its support in the
sciences. All countries should be welcome for their support of science.
If there are competitions, the Olympic Games have shown us how to


Simple Suggestions

Unfortunately, instances have recently come to light where certain
scientists, including some with links to foreign institutions and/or
governments, have violated the honor-based systems and practices of the
American research enterprise . Convened to address the issue, The NIH
Advisory Committee to the Director working group carefully considered
how to ensure fairness of the grant process and intellectual property
principles, while seeking to minimize jeopardy to innocent foreign
nationals and important international collaborations. The working group
recommendations apply to all foreign scientists, not just those of
Chinese descent.

Professor and Director, PKU-IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research

On behalf of the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America , the
Chinese American Hematologist and Oncologist Network , and the Chinese
Biological Investigators Society , we write to express our concerns
about the recent political rhetoric and policies that single out
students and scholars of Chinese descent working in the United States as
threats to U.S. national interests e.g., and pp. 6–7 in ]. These
developments have led to confusion, fear, and frustration among these
highly dedicated professionals, who are in danger of being singled out
for scape-goating, stereotyping, and racial profiling. U.S. policies
must avoid targeting, as Representative Judy Chu (D–California) put it,
“an entire ethnic group of people for suspicion that they’re spies for
China” .

后天或然是从那之后以来对多数United States科学家最困难考验的时刻,尤其是对那多少个在管事人岗位的人的话。但愿不会变得更不方便。


You are highly respected as a scientist who has carried out outstanding
research on genetic mutations underlying human diseases, and as a leader
of the NIH whose mission “is to seek fundamental knowledge about the
nature and behavior of living systems and the application of that
knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and


The National Institutes of Health

We are determined to maintain the integrity of the NIH research
enterprise, but we are also deeply concerned about the issues raised by
these three societies. NIH is committed to avoiding overreaction,
stigmatization, harassment, and profiling. We will use our influence and
bully pulpit as necessary to speak out against such prejudicial actions,
for which there is no place in the biomedical research community.

Science is eternal, whereas politics, as the kind practiced in the
present day US, is transient. History has proved that bad politics
perish, as in the cases of the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany. The
Trumpism US will be an exception only if the Sun rises from the West in
the future.

图片 1


profiling harms


It is our sincere hope that these actions, which we believe amount to
racial profiling, will stop immediately and that increased security
measures will not be used to tarnish law-abiding scientists and limit
normal and productive scientific exchanges. We thus urge both federal
and local governments to work with our academic and research
institutions to create a respectful, transparent, and productive
environment for everyone, regardless of their ethnic origin. We also
hope that scientific collaborations and exchanges between the United
States and foreign academic communities will be strengthened rather than
suppressed. American scientific advances and technological innovations
are the result of global efforts, and their future depends on the
continuation of time-tested traditions of openness and cooperation on
the global stage.

I am sympathetic that most US scientists, while always taught, and often
self-assumed, to be morally upright, usually do not understand history
and do not know how to deal with political pressures of the evil nature,
such as those in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.



2018年,NIH公布了关于尊崇U.S.A.生物医研诚信的宣示,随后又支持美国际结盟邦考察局检察与海外机构有合营、接受经费帮衬的花旗国物军事学家。随着中国和United States关系的不安,很多在美的中原专家相继被调查,U.S.A.科学界华裔学者的地点难题,成为一个灵动难点。


最终,公开信中发挥了对前途的期冀,希望美利哥际结盟邦及地点当局,能够抛开种族偏见,防止矫枉过正,创建一个怒放,尊重,透明,高效的调研条件,张开合营的大门,从而保证花旗国的科技(science and technology)提高与更新。


The National Institutes of Health appreciates the concerns expressed in
the thoughtful letter from Lu et al. on behalf of the Society of Chinese
Bioscientists in America, the Chinese American Hematologist and
Oncologist Network, and the Chinese Biological Investigators Society.
NIH greatly values scientists of Chinese descent as members of the
American biomedical research enterprise. For decades, scientists of
Chinese descent have contributed substantially to scientific innovations
at research institutions across the United States. Collaborations with
Chinese institutions have been critical to moving science forward. The
vast majority of Chinese scientists working in America are honorable,
conscientious, and dedicated to the cause of expanding knowledge for the
betterment of humankind.

固然在United States出生前,中华夏族民共和国在经济上超越世界,但在美利坚合众国设有的近几年来中华的经济相对贫困,长时间难以承担科学经费。未来中华援救科学,既为中华人民共和国前行,也为世界做进献。中夏族民共和国帮衬纯数学和天工学,它们长时间不会给其余国家带来经济利润,或者永久不能。NIH本人宣称的靶子也不是产生经济回报,那是二个不能够因为情人眼里出西施就足以更动的真情。所以,生物医学商量一般不应有带来分化国度、不一样政党之间的争执。



Racial profiling harms science

With Trumpism presently prevalent in the US, it is a testing time for
many Americans including American scientists.

近日,Science杂志在线宣布一篇题为“NIH letters asking about undisclosed
foreign ties rattle US
universities”的资讯评论,报纸发表United States国立卫生商量院给数十家首要的切磋型大学发函,供给他们提供一群接受NIH接济却又与别国政府维持未公开联系的钻研职员的音讯。





In the end, Nazism and Stalinism had damaged Germany and Russia the
most. Germany, which was leading in mathematics, physics, chemistry and
your own field of genetics before Hitler, has never been able to regain
its scientific strength to the level reached before Nazism.




Thomas Jefferson, the founder of your alma mater the University of
Virginia, was an intellectual giant, and a champion for freedom. Had he
been alive today, would he applaud your letter or action


Dear Dr. Collins,

In recent decades, there have been several high-profile cases in which
Chinese-American scientists were wrongfully accused of spying e.g., ].
Although all charges were eventually dropped and/or the individuals
legally exonerated, the lawsuits have had not only devastating effects
on the careers of these individuals but also a chilling and negative
impact on the Chinese-American scientific community at large. It has
also become increasingly difficult for Chinese students and scholars to
obtain visas to enter the United States for scientific meetings, visits,
and research opportunities .

饶毅, 医学大学生



Existing U.S. laws are in place to safeguard America’s interests and to
punish perpetrators for stealing trade secrets or engaging in illegal
activities. We absolutely support the well-established policies
regarding intellectual property, employment, and governance of conflicts
of interest. Such policies have been further enhanced in recent years
with more detailed and specific requirements from various federal and
state agencies, including the National Institutes of Health . The vast
majority of scientists and students of Chinese descent are law-abiding
citizens, residents, or visitors who have followed these rules.


图片 2



Sincerely yours,


You publicly stated a few years ago in Shanghai: science has no national
boundaries because it belongs to the humankind. This was translated and
widely applauded.





因为当局科学基金机构都不有所商讨经费辅助的商讨所带来的专利或其余智慧产权,珍重专利、合营时制造分配专利完全不在NIH的总统范围。事实上,30年来,NIH都帮衬了在中华夏族民共和国国内的探究。这个中华商量人口本来都有中华夏族民共和国机构的经费。难道你要说这一个切磋职员表示国外影响?而且她们有着的学问产权属于其单位,中国和United States的内阁基金都无法抱有其文化产权,所以由NIH争知识产权是虚伪的。绝大大多切磋并不能发生很有价值的学问产权。假设个别研讨人士未有填报多种来源,但是是个体瑕疵,你4月1二十八日声称称那种主题素材为“海外干涉”完全是小题大作。

Attached please find an article (“The Singular Moral Compass of Otto
Krayer”) about a German pharmacologist, who, while in his early budding
career, refused to take up a chairmanship opened up by Nazi firing of a
Jewish scientist. While he could have accepted the position, without
blaming himself for societal ills, Krayer wrote a letter of refusal,
fully anticipating damages to his own career. He was thereafter barred
from all academic jobs and even the use of libraries in Germany. He had
to leave Germany, not because he was Jewish, but because he stood up for
what was right and against what was wrong.

At this point, Trumpism in the US can mainly threaten science with
reduction of budgets, nothing compared to careers ruined or lives
destroyed. If allowed to go on the slippery road, how do we know that
competing labs will not report on each other for foreign interferences
or influences when a large number of students and a significant number
of faculty members are foreign-born Should future discussions of science
be separated into “American” and “Foreign” Should future classrooms,
meeting rooms, etc., be similarly separated Should annual meetings of
academic societies and associations refuse to have “foreign influences”
Should NIH funded domestic and international meetings be monitored by
the FBI

Dean, Division of Sciences, Peking University

Director, Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing

图片 3


图片 4



附件推荐壹篇小说(“The Singular Moral Compass of OttoKrayer”),记叙一个人德意志联邦共和国药经济学家,在其工作早期,他拒绝接任因纳粹炒鱿鱼犹太地文学家而空出的系老板职位。他还行那一岗位,不因社会之恶而责怪本身,但他在一同预知对协调工作的残害情形下,写信拒绝下车。此后他被纳粹禁止任学术职位、连教室都无法用。他被迫离开德意志不是因为他是犹太人,而是因为她敢于申张正义、声讨罪恶。

is in the eyes of the beholder”。在一样TV访谈中,Giuliani称“facts are
in the eyes of the beholder”。

当今是United States地医学家突显本身脊梁的每日。


All scientists have the right to work wherever they choose, and the
freedom to collaborate with whomever they deem appropriate.

Your own research advisor at Yale came from a culture of great talents
which were made scapegoats whenever Westerners run into troubles of
their own making. The Jewish people were often persecuted, sometimes
blatantly and sometimes in a thinly veiled manner. Your August 20th
letter is obviously targeting scientists of Chinese origin, making
Chinese as the new scapegoat of anti-intellectual irrationality in the

The late John McCain once remarked: “I like to think that in the
toughest moments I’d do the right thing, but you never know until you
are tested”.

Because it is not related to the military and because of its universal
values to the humankind, international exchanges and collaborations are
the easiest in the biomedical sciences.


Your August 20th statement is shocking because it is the first time when
any government official has issued a statement restricting scientific
collaborations in peacetime.

China, having led the world economically before the birth of the US, was
relatively poor economically and could not afford to fund science for
most of the time when the US has been in existence. China is now capable
of funding science, both for the development of China and as a
contribution to the world. China funds pure mathematics and astronomy,
which are not expected to generate any economic benefits for any
particular country in a short time, if ever. The stated mission of the
NIH is not to generate economic benefits, either, a fact that should not
change in the eyes of the beholder. Thus funding for most of the
biomedical sciences should not be a source of conflict between different